During the pandemic we will continue to support our customers to the best of our ability; if you require support and/or have questions or concerns re: support don't hesitate to contact us @ 612-819-5149/northamericananotech@icloud.com. 


Welcome to North American Nanotech, Inc. your source for device, thin film & materials process and test solutions in North America including Canada and Mexico.

(Mono-crystalyn Si Ingot)
(Unpatterned 150mm Si Wafer)

(Patterned 200mm Si Wafer)

"We partner with our diverse customer base to ensure that their FEOL and BEOL process, ATE, metrology, materials and support requirements are achieved to their complete satisfaction."

Daniel Montag - Founder & President*

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(20nm Node Micro-device w/o Package)

Packaged Device

(Si 001 Crystal Lattice)

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We are actively seeking sales & marketing support for specific regions of the US and Canada. 

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