Nines PV presents the ADE© (atmospheric dry etch) technology: a disruptive, low cost, high volume texturing process for use in the PV solar cell and thin film battery development & manufacturing industry enabling manufacturers to differentiate their offerings in terms of both cost and device performance.

With a small footprint and flexible process development platform the ADE-100 is built around a single atmospheric dry etch reactor. This reactor is similar to the one used in the HVM version of the tool, greatly facilitating the transition from development to production.

ADE 100
  • Single lane

  • Compact reactor

  • Dynamic etching

  • Up to 30% F2 concentration

  • Multi-zone heating

  • Integrated N2 dilution panel

  • Total etchant flow up to 35 slm

  • Front side Texturing / Black Silicon / nano and micro textures

  • Emitter etch back

  • Selective emitter scheme

  • Pattern etching / selective etching

  • Back side emitter removal

  • Back side flattening

  • Saw damage removal

  • PSG removal



The HVM tool design is based on multiple parallel atmospheric pressure dry etch reactors. The HVM  thoroughput is facilitated by the on-site generation of the etchant gas resulting low CoO in comparision to vacuum processing  

  • 6000 WPH

  • Fully automated operation

  • Multi-lane design

  • Production ready

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