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Magnetic materials, thin film and device researchers & manufacturers working within non-volatile memory, thin film head, sensor, inductor and spintroncs industries utilize a wide variety of process tools including anneal, deposition, oxidation & etch and applied fields.

NANI presents the following magnetic thin film process solution partners & providers: 

Futek Furnace designs & manufactures MVAO (magnetic vacuum annealing oven) tools for the semiconductor, data storage and sensor markets; specializing in tools for magnetic, ferroelectric, and piezoelectric devices. Fields range from 200 oe to 10.0 Tesla on form factors ranging from coupons to 300mm wafers. Process temperatures range from 150 deg. C. o 600 deg. C. 

Nordiko Logo.jpg

Nordiko Technical Services designs & manufactures a broad range of PVD and ion-beam process tools for both R&D and production applications, specializing in tools for magnetic, ferroelectric, piezoelectric and spintronic device fabrication. Nordiko supports customers in the spintronics, data storage, non-volatile memory and magnetic sensor & inductor markets worldwide. 

spin-ion_small logo.png

Spin-Ion technologies designs & manufactures He ion irradiation systems and processes for magnetic materials development. The tunable irradiation process delivers a powerful post-growth method for tailoring structural properties at the atomic scale for a variety of thin magnetic film R&D applications. 

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Halback Magnet AMTC.png

AMT&C specializes in design and manufacture of permanent and electro-magnets for development and manufacturing applications. AMT&C Group has over 35 years of scientific and practical experience in the field of magnetism.

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