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High-Field/High-Uniformity Industrial Magnet Solutions

Moscow based AMTC specializes in design and manufacture of permanent and electro-magnets for development and manufacturing applications. AMT&C Group has over 35 years of scientific and practical experience in the field of magnetism; they focus on areas of applied magnetism including magnetic separation, nonvolatile shut-off gas valves, high performance PMSM motors, methods of nanoscale and nanostructured materials manufacture and magnetic refrigeration. In addition AMTC supplies products for  the treatment of cancer vis a via precision controlled magnetic field desorption of targeted drugs.  
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Permanent Magnet Systems

AMT&C manufactures Halbach-type permanent magnet field sources including Halbach-type adjustable permanent magnets and field sources

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Electro-Magnet Systems

AMT&C manufactures various types of electromagnetic components including  supply power units, switching units, cooling system and software for the system operation under PC control.

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