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Enhancing Magnetic Materials at the Atomic Scale

Based in the Paris area in France, Spin-Ion Technologies provides He+ ion beam systems with processes to tailor magnetic materials. The key feature of the technology is the post-growth control at the atomic scale of structural properties including interface intermixing, chemical order or crystallization. As state of the art, this technology can be used to control magnetic properties of ultra-thin spintronic materials for applications to MRAM, Hard Disk Drive, Racetrack memory devices, magnonics, RF systems, spin logic, sensors or neuromorphic computing.
Light Ion Thin Film Irradiation

The Helium – S is an ultra-compact and ultra-fast He+ ion beam facility to treat 20 mm coupons with high homogeneity and the Helium-L can process up to 200 mm wafers.  

The technology uses a unique Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) ion source with high brightness and no maintenance. The ion beam treatment can be performed at different steps of the fabrication process at either the material or device level. It is the an ideal R&D tool for a variety of magnetic thin film applications.

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