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Magnetic materials, thin film & device researchers and manufacturers working within the spintronics industry including - MRAM, HDD, sensor & inductor industries employ a wide variety of test methodologies for monitoring processes and characterizing & qualifying magnetic materials, sheet films, memory & sensor elements and devices. 
NANI presents the following magnetic test solution partners and providers: 
Hprobe H3Dm_V1 Head 01_04LL.jpg

Hprobe supplies automated wafer level  test solutions for MRAM, HDD, magnetic sensor and inductor development and production.  Customers can upgrade existing probe stations including e.g. TEL, Accretech, etc. or choose a fully integrated stand-alone turn-key tester to meet their unique magnetic test requirements.  

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AMT&C specializes in design and manufacture of  test equipment for development and manufacturing applications. AMT&C Group has over 35 years of scientific and practical experience in the field of magnetism.

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