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Thermal & Field Magnetic Test Solutions

Moscow based AMT&C specializes in design and manufacture of magnetic test equipment for development and manufacturing applications. AMT&C Group has over 35 years of scientific and practical experience in the field of magnetism; it's applications focused on such areas of applied magnetism including magnetic separation, nonvolatile shut-off gas valves, high performance PMSM motors, methods of nanoscale and nanostructured materials manufacture and magnetic refrigeration.
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Automated Test Equipment

AMT&C's test equipment is capable of measuring temperature intervals from 90 to 360 Deg. K. and magnetic  fields up to 1.8 Tesla in automatic or manual modes.

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Magneto-caloric effect Measurement

AMT&C's magneto-caloric measurement systems are able to conduct rapid measurements of magneto-caloric effect at near room temperature.

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Data Acquisition Systems

AMTC's data acquisition systems are developed with LabView software providing  a wide range of data acquisition.

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