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The announcement of personnel changes for representative of subsidiary, TEL Magnetic Solutions, on January 30, 2024 preceded their discrete exit from the magnetic anneal market...

After twenty-six years serving the TFH, NVM and sensor markets MSL, founded by Dr. Micheal Coey & his protoge Dr. David Hurley, has exited the anneal market. Initially housed in Trinity College's incubation center, the company moved into a former DHL warehouse in the north of Dublin on Santry Rd. which TEL continues to utilize as a support center for EU business. The acquisition by TEL in 2012, prompted by the 'guidance' of a tier-one customer, did not meet expectations due in no small part to MRAM's shift away from discrete to embedded applications and pricing pressure from their sole competitor Futek Furnace. TEL began informing existing customers of their exit from the anneal equipment business in Q124.

I was proud to have participated in the expansion of MSL's US business from 2002 to 2012.


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