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SRAM firm Netsol to supply Chinese firm with MRAM this year

(출처 : THE ELEC, Korea Electronics Industry Media( South Korean chip fabless company Netsol is planning to supply its first magnetic random access memory (MRAM) to a Chinese customer, the company CEO told TheElec. Niche memory chips, excluding DRAM and NAND flash, accounted for 5% of the total memory chip market, Netsol CEO Kim Woo-jin said. Out of these niche chips, MRAM is expected to replace NOR flash and SRAM to take up over 4% of the total market, Kim said. The MRAM will be supplied to a Chinese industrial chip maker, which has placed a purchase order worth around US$20,000. Netsol plans to use Samsung’s 28-nanometer process for the chip. Netsol is also planning to start development of next-generation 14nm spin transfer torque (STT)-MRAM after supplying its first MRAM, the CEO said.


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