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Everspin Explores Domestic Trusted Manufacturing Expansion

(Businesswire, Nov. 21, 2022) Everspin announced that it is working to expand its domestic MRAM manufacturing operations and capabilities into the State of Indiana

Everspin is working to build a trusted manufacturing line in the state of Indiana which would add capacity for Everspin’s Commercial MRAM and increase its capability to act as a foundry for the manufacture of Toggle and STT-MRAM. Everspin plans to work with the local research community to enhance domestic research for MRAM technology development, creating a Technology Development Center at the proposed Indiana-based location. Everspin is in a unique position to leverage its significant MRAM patent portfolio; 15 year history of manufacturing MRAM domestically and 10 year history of manufacturing MRAM as a BEOL foundry service for commercial and DoD applications. Adding capacity and capability will ensure a secure supply chain for the next phase of growth and development.


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