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Kurdex Corporation specializes in the design and build of automated in-line process solutions utilizing sputtering (PVD), evaporation, plasma enhanced CVD (PECVD) and reactive Ion etch (RIE) for form factors from 100mm to 200mm for data storage applications, from 100mm to 300mm for semiconductor applications and 156mm for photovoltaics applications. 

Horizontal In-Line Systems

Kurdex provides three horizontal in-line

configurations for three form factors including:

HE-100/30: 760 mm X 760 mm

HE-100/16: 500 mm X 600 mm

HE-100/8: 210 mm X 210 mm


KX-95 Hard Disk Coater:

  • 1800 Parts per hour

  • Ion Source Carbon

  • Isolated Metals and Carbon deposition chambers

  • 12 Deposition/Heat stations

  • Pre-Heat, Plasma Pre-Clean

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