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NANI's solution partners and providers serve the following device, thin film and materials market of North America per the following:

  • Thin film battery R&D and manufacturing including:

    • LiPON-based

      • Stackable thin-film battery

      • 2D and 3D Micro-battery

      • Primary Li/CFx micro-battery

      • Flexible lithium-ion battery

      • Thin and flexible alkaline battery

      • Lithium manganese disposable battery

      • Laminated packaged lithium-polymer cells

      • Batteries with highly conductive polymer gel electrolyte

      • Solid-state battery

      • Cable-type battery

      • Large-area multi-stacked textile battery

      • Stretchable battery

      • Foldable Kirigami lithium-ion battery

      • Fibre-shaped lithium-ion battery that can be woven into electronic textiles

      • Printed zinc-carbon disposable battery

      • Printed silver zinc battery

      • Printed rechargeable NMH battery

      • Needle battery

      • Transparent battery

      • Laminar fuel cells

      • Thin and flexible supercapacitors

      • Printed supercapacitors

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