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AMT&C - Supplier of Permanent and Electro-Magnets the Magnetic Test Equipment

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AMT&C Group Appoints North American Nanotech, Inc. North American Sales Agent. 

AMT&C Group and North American Nanotech, Inc. (NANI) have joined forces to market AMT&C’s electro & permanent magnets and magnetic testers in North America.

About AMT&C Group: AMT&C has over 35 years of scientific and practical experience in the field of magnetism; its’ applications focus on such areas of applied magnetism including magnetic separation, nonvolatile shut-off gas valves, high performance PMSM motors, methods of nanoscale and nanostructured materials manufacture, magnetic refrigeration and the  treatment of cancer vis a via precision controlled magnetic field desorption of targeted drugs.  AMTC specializes in design and manufacture of permanent and electro-magnets and magnetic test equipment for a broad range of development and manufacturing applications.  


About NANI: Incorporated in 2012, NANI delivers sales & marketing management support to domestic and offshore process, test and metrology equipment suppliers selling into the high-tech, green-tech, bio-tech and med-tech markets of North America including Canada & Mexico.

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