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Futek Furnace - Supplier of high-field magnetic and conventional annealing ovens

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*All information covered under NDAs and/or confidentiality agreements is excluded from publication.

Note: Dates are publication dates only and may or may not coincide with the event/data published.

Futek Furnace closes sale of high field magnetic annealer process tools to tier-1 HDD manufacturer with global affiliations. 

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Futek Furnace closes sale of 300mm high-vacuum anneal oven to an early-stage non-volatile memory (NVM) project with global affiliations.

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President, Miwa Kazuo, attends the IEDM and MRAM Developer Day held at the Union Square Hilton in San Francisco. 

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President, Miwa Kazuo, attends the MMM Conference held in Washington, DC. 

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Stay tuned for more news from Futek Furnace

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