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Hprobe's library of automated magnetic test regimes for MRAM and TMR sensors includes the following: 

MRAM Test Regime: 

Continuity Test - Contact open/short test > Contact resistance

DC/Pulsed Test - IV Switching test/breakdown test > Rmin/Rmax, TMR, switching voltage, VCR

Hysterisis Test - RH Switching test > TMR, coupling field, coersive field, anisotropic field, stability factor, remanence

Phase diagram - Pulse Sweep Hysteresis test > Critical current, PAP, AAP isotropic field, stability factor 

BER Test - Write/read error test >Bit error test in standard and config. with burst capability

Sensor Test Regime: 

Continuity Test - Contact open/short check > Contact resistance

Hysteresis/TMR - R-H test > TMR field, coupling field, coersive field, anistoropic field, stability factor, remanence

Breakdown - DC/AC breakdown voltage > Extract break down voltage using DC or AC current sweep

Angular Diagram - R (V. Deg.) curve > Extract R versus H angle curves

Stability - Sensor stability operation > Extract the sensor stability in operation conditions (temperature and continuous operation, etc.)

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