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Nordiko Technical Services - Supplier of IBD/IBE/PVD and PECVD process tools*

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*All information covered under NDAs and/or confidentiality agreements is excluded from publication.

Note: Dates are publication dates only and may or may not coincide with the event/data published.

'Nordiko Technical Services, Ltd. readies two (2) state of art IBE/IBD cluster tools for delivery to tier-1 TFH manufacturer in Q3&422. 

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'Nordiko Technical Services, Ltd. receives orders for two (2) state of the art IBE/IBD cluster tools from tier-1 TFH manufacturer. 

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'Nordiko Technical Services, Ltd. readies state of art process module for delivery to 'trusted fab' in Q420. 

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'Nordiko Technical Services, Ltd. readies state of art ion beam etch process module, 7500, for delivery to the INL in Braga, Portugal.  


'Nordiko Technical Services, Ltd. expands presence at US ’trusted fab’ with the purchase of a second process module for cutting edge thin film application.' 


Nordiko Technical Services, Ltd. converts multiple process tool sets from 150mm to 200mm at tier one HDD US manufacturing sites


Nordiko Technical Services, Ltd. completes the installation of a second thin film processing module at INESC in Lisbon, Portugal.


Effective October 1st, Nordiko Technical Services, Ltd. Appoints  North American Nanotech, Inc. - North American Sales Agent serving the US, Canada and Mexico.

Nordiko Technical Services, Ltd. and North American Nanotech, Inc. (NANI) have joined forces to market Nordiko’s innovative PVD and ion beam thin film process tools to the semiconductor, NVM, sensor, photonics, solar and MEMS markets of North America.


‘Nordiko look forward to working with NANI.  We can benefit greatly from their comprehensive knowledge of the market in North America.  Their established presence, experience and expertise in Sales and Marketing will be an asset to our operations.’  Mervyn Davis, Managing Director Nordiko Technical Services, Ltd.


Nordiko’s well deserved reputation for designing and delivering process tool solutions tailored to the customer’s specific process requirements will further enhance NANI’s ability to serve North America’s diverse thin film customer base. I look forward to a long and productive relationship with Nordiko Technical Services, Ltd.’ Daniel Montag, President NANI, Inc. 


About Nordiko: Nordiko Technical Services Limited was founded in 2003 as the successor company to the original Nordiko Limited.  The original Nordiko was founded forty-seven years ago and since that time the main base of operations has been in the UK at Havant in Hampshire.  In September 2011 the Managing Director completed a Management Buy Out from Canon Anelva.  Prior to that time the company had been a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon.


About NANI: Incorporated in 2012, NANI delivers sales & marketing management support to domestic and offshore process, test and metrology equipment suppliers selling into the high-tech, green-tech and bio-tech markets of North America including Canada & Mexico.



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