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Annealsys designs & manufactures systems for Rapid Thermal Processing / Annealing (RTP / RTA) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (DLI-CVD, DLI-ALD, MOCVD, RTCVD, Spray CVD and LPCVD) for semiconductor, MEMS, nanotechnologies and photovoltaic R&D, pilot lines and small scale manufacturing. The versatile RTP systems offer solutions for annealing, CVD of graphene and selenization for CIGS solar cells.

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The AS-Micro/One/Master/Premium RTA/RTP processes 2-inch to 8-inch samples up to 1500°C and 250°C/s. Annealsys Rapid Thermal Annealing furnaces use infrared lamp heating and can be used for various applications for silicon, compound semiconductor, photovoltaic, MEMS and other materials. 


The Zenith-100 is a high temperature RTP/RTCVD system capable of processing  samples up to 4-inch diameter at temperatures from 450 Deg. C. to 2000 Deg. C. in high vacuum 


Annealsys has developed the MC050/100/200 DLI-CVD / DLI-ALD, MOCVD systems for substrates from 2-inch to 200 mm. Applicatinos inlcude simple & multi-metallic oxides,metals, nitrides and alloys, III-V, wide band gap semiconductors and nanotubes and nanowires

SprayCVD Process

The SprayCVD-050 is a 2-inch SprayCVD furnace for laboratories. Deposition and annealing can be carried ot in the same process chamber.

  • Temperature range: RT to 1200°C (± 1°C)

  • Fast ramp rate up to 50°C/s

  • Vacuum range: Atm to 10-6 Torr

LPCVD Process

The LC100/102 Low-Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LPCVD) systems are desgned for Poly-Si, SiO2 , Si3N4, etc. deposition. Single or dual tube furnaces are also available as well as 4-inch LPCVD furnaces for small scale production.


The MC-050/100/200 are designed to process a variety of materials including simple and multi-metallic oxides, Metals, nitrides and alloys, III-V, wide band gap semiconductors and 2D and 3D materials

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