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TowerJazz and Crocus Debut MRAM Technology

SANTA CLARA, CA & MIGDAL HAEMEK, Israel /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Tower Semiconductor Ltd., a global specialty foundry leader, and Crocus Technology, a leading provider of magnetically enhanced semiconductors, announced a major breakthrough in a disruptive magnetic technology that has been co-developed with Crocus Technology. The technology now offers SRAM performance in terms of speed and power with nonvolatile memory (NVM) capabilities. This magnetic random access memory (MRAM) solution has demonstrated best-in-class performance and more than 2 billion cycles of program/erase were demonstrated on a 4 Mb NVM product. The first market to be addressed is battery-backed SRAM (BB-SRAM). Crocus' product provides the best characteristics of current BB-SRAM offerings—fast access times, low power, and unlimited write cycles—without the need for cost, recharging, and long-term disposal of a lithium battery.


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