Thin Film Process Solution Partners:

Materials, thin film and device researchers & manufacturers working within the aerospace, MEMS, photonics, photovoltaics, semiconductor, sensor, spintroncs, and bio-tech industries utilize a wide variety of process tools for thermal, deposition and etch applicaitons.


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NANI presents the following process solution partners: 


Annealsys designs & manufactures systems for Rapid Thermal Processing / Annealing (RTP / RTA) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (DLI-CVD, DLI-ALD, MOCVD, RTCVD, Spray CVD and LPCVD) for semiconductor, MEMS, nanotechnologies and photovoltaic R&D and manufacturing. The versatile RTP systems offer solutions for annealing, CVD of graphene and selenization for CIGS solar cells.

IntLvac has long history and broad experience as a high vacuum system designer and builder, Intlvac manufactures a range of process tools from prototypes to production systems for thin film deposition and etch system. Their years of experience and knowledge are the key to their customer's success.

PlasmaI CP, DRIE, PECVD process

AXIC provides thin film solutions enabling low cost, high value Plasma Systems for ICP, DRIE, PECVD. Axic's systems are used worldwide for etch and deposition of thin films, plasma surface treatment, plasma cleaning of metal films and metal film stacks. 

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